Simple, Yet Powerful A Chrome Extension EOS Wallet

Utilize EOS with ease and speed. EOStock, the Chrome Extension Wallet with various features

Safe & Simple

EOStock runs locally on your computer and does not go through central servers. You can reset without leaving any data on your computer.

Diverse & Powerful Features

EOStock offers the most powerful and diverse features amongst the current EOS extension wallets. Complete all of your EOS-related tasks with EOStock.

  • EOS & Token Transfer

    Transfer EOS and other various tokens.

  • EOS Account Creation

    Creating an EOS account has never been easier.

  • Create and Burn Tokens

    Create your own tokens in just 3 minutes.

  • Deploy Contracts

    Deploy contracts through EOStock.

  • Diverse Network Support

    From MainNet to CustomNet, and everything in-between.

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